one believes that, among games of a sexual nature between children, some would
be “normal”, allowing them to satisfy certain anatomical curiosities
and to prepare themselves for their adult role. Another question then arises:
what adult role to prepare? The explicit one of the speech of protection or the
implicit one that one lets pass in certain speeches and images to which the
children are subjected?

question is to be asked individually and collectively. For the professional
confronted with sexualized behaviors between children, the important thing is
to be able to react after having identified if it is a game or an abusive

To play, what does
it represent?

a child plays, he creates a transition space between his inner world and the
outside world. In this intermediate space, he can stage his inner concerns, his
aggressive feelings as well as his worries. He can also establish links between
external events experienced, heard or observed and his inner world. Be it the furry
sex games
or any other, when the games get played, you
can find the best options there.

transition space of the game allows him to make his own experiences and put into
action or stage personal feelings in relation to his environment, and this
outside the adult educational perspective.

  • It
    is therefore a space of psychic development to build.
  • The
    game emphasizes a concern of the child either internal or related to external
  • The
    play situation is creative for the child; it allows him to stage situations
    that do not exist, to experiment with answers, to control anxieties, through
    playful inventions and in a protected space.
  • The
    adult should therefore look at the child who plays with kindness, leaving him
    to his attempts to reconcile what is subjectively perceived with what can be

of a sexual nature or staging sexuality thus have the same function as other
games: to stage internal concerns and attempt to develop or integrate external
events that are experienced, observed or heard.

addition, the sexual nature of a game is to be understood from the point of
view of the child and his level of development and not from our point of view
of adult. For example, two 3-year-olds who touch the anus do not have the same
sexual connotation as in 10-year-olds.

How does the game
come to children?

play and language are processes of symbolization. When a child experiences an
event, there are two times: the time when it happens, the time of the
experience, and the time when it is represented, in the aftermath, in a
re-capture of the experience.

is first the mother who translates to the baby his experiences, allowing him
little by little to anticipate what will happen and to have taken on his
environment. Gradually, if the mother’s environment is good enough, the child
will project the emotions present in the relation to the mother onto the
objects. The game becomes more solitary, essentially sensorimotor and
exploratory. The child seeks to have a grip on his environment and needs these
play periods out of the presence of the adult.

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